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Daniël Busser is a 22-year-old multi-talented hip pop artist with a golden sound. He creates the perfect balance between energetic hip hop and sexy pop music, eternally supported by razor-sharp lyrics. His first EP My Way  released Daniel when he was only 15 years young. From then on, there was only one path for him: to conquer the world. His latest album Adrenaline was released in 2019, the title track of which is now on more than 4 million Spotify streams.

Daniel is also making great strides outside the music industry. During the initial phase of the corona crisis, he founded the Busserfam Community ; an online platform for vulnerable young people. As an extension of this initiative, the Busser Fund has now been established. A fund intended to support social interests through various cultural activities.

Daniël Busser is an excellent live performer who offers his audience an unforgettable experience with both a live band and a DJ. He  is in many eyes the most versatile and most promising artist of this generation.

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