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Busserfam Community

In the summer of 2020 it turned out  that the corona crisis has had a major impact on young people. The lockdown took away many freedoms and it was difficult to connect  to do with each other. Daniël has a proven track record when it comes to supporting vulnerable young people, so it was a logical step to be there for them right now. His music is known for connecting different groups together.  

This is how the Busserfam Community was created.  

Daniel himself has struggled with his mental health in the past and would like to break the taboo about this. That's why he decided to have one-on-one conversations with his fans in the 'Down to Earth with Danny' sessions. Here he discusses topics such as loneliness, poverty, dreams, goals, motivation and perseverance. Positivity is always leading in every conversation. Daniel shares his perspective, his experiences, the lessons he has learned and more in these conversations. Not as an authority, but as a listening ear.

Soon you will find all episodes on this page. Follow the Busserfam on insta!

Busser Fund

As an extension of the Busserfam Community, Daniël founded the Busserfonds at the end of 2021.  

The Busser Fund will support cultural activities in the broadest sense. The activities can serve a social interest, but can also be carried out at a micro level.

Soon you will find more information on this page.

Busserfam: Tekst
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