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Daniel Busser's NFT project
'On a wave'

On Instagram Daniël Busser announced that his upcoming single ‘On a wave’ (produced by Chievva) will also be his first NFT release. His NFT will contain 20% royalties generated from music streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music. By doing so, Daniël Busser is the first music artist in the Benelux (if not Europe) to use NFT’s in this revolutionary way.

For the latest updates, join his discord:




The use of NFTs is not very common in the Belgian and Dutch music industry yet.

Daniël Busser recognizes the possibilities of this technology for independent music artists. NFTs are often considered as a future phenomenon, but the future is already here.

However, we understand that NFTs are still something new and abstract for so many people. So check out the Roadmap and the FAQ below and let us walk you through the 'On a wave' project.

Please note that choices in cryptocurrency or platform  are subject to change.

Nieuwe Religie instructies

De NFT voor 'OK OK' is sold!

Op 12 augustus kon je vanaf 20.00u bieden op de twee Royal NFT's van 'OK OK' die beiden elk 10% streaming royalties van dit nummer waard zijn.

Wil jij een gedeelte van Daniël's muziek ownen? Breng je bod uit via: OpenSea.



'Nieuwe Religie'

Nieuwe Religie NFT


Recap: Tweede reeks Royal NFT's
'1 Plus 1' 

Op 3 april 2022 is de eerste Royal NFT 24 uur lang geveild op OpenSea. De strijd was heavy! Het winnende bod was 0,11 ETH, gelijk aan ongeveer 355 euro. De tweede Royal NFT ging op 4 april live en eindigde met een bod van  0,122 ETH (ongeveer 383 euro). Iedereen bedankt voor jullie support en enthousiasme!

De winnaars krijgen ieder 10% van de streaming royalties van het nummer '1 Plus 1' (ft. Anouk Leander).

Via houden we contact!

Degenen die hebben geboden, maar helaas niet hebben gewonnen zijn welkom op de eerstvolgende eigen show van Daniël Busser.


1 Plus 1.gif


Image by Haithem Ferdi

Op een Wave





Recap ‘Op een Wave’ NFT’s

Op 29 januari 2022 dropte Daniël Busser de allereerste muziek NFT in de Benelux waarbij je als houder maar liefst 20% van de streaming royalties kreeg (de Royal NFT). Naast de Royal NFT zijn er 5 ‘Details NFT’s’ verkocht, waarbij de houders een persoonlijke ervaring kregen met Daniël. Je kon bijvoorbeeld een studiosessie bijwonen als gast, met Daniël uit eten, tijdens een ritje naar unreleased muziek luisteren en meer. Daarnaast krijg je early access tot merch drops en ben je welkom op de NFT events georganiseerd door Daniël Busser. De Details NFT’s zijn eenmalig uitgebracht, alle toekomstige releases zullen géén Details NFT’s bevatten.

Om de drop nóg specialer te maken, zijn er exclusieve MVP tokens uitgereikt aan mensen die hebben bijgedragen aan het succes van het nummer ‘Op een Wave’. 

De Royal NFT is tijdens een zogenoemde Dutch Auction binnen een uur verkocht. Het bieden begon bij 1500 euro, waarna de prijs een paar keer is gedaald tot iemand de NFT kocht voor 500 euro. De Details NFT’s zijn op een bepaalde volgorde verkocht, al dan niet via een auction. Alle NFT’s zijn momenteel beschikbaar op OpenSea, Rarible en Looksrare.

MVP token

De MVP Token

Dit is de exclusieve MVP token. De enige type token die niet te koop is, maar alleen te verdienen

Per single release zullen er 5 mensen beloond worden met de MVP token. De 'Most Valuable Players' - degenen die hebben bijgedragen aan het succes van een nummer - krijgen deze token (met o.a. toegang tot speciale NFT events).

De token vertegenwoordigt de ketting die Daniël draagt: de ketting waarop zijn moeder wordt afgebeeld. Er is dus niets specialers dan dit!


Detail NFTs

The Detail NFT is, as the name suggests, a detail of the Main NFT. A caricature or object of the Main NFT will be sold as a separate NFT at the price of ⅕ of the Royal NFT. This will have a special real life value. For example, attending one of Daniël's studio sessions.

A very cool NFT if you would like to interact personally with Daniël. It is basically another way to connect with fans. With each Royal NFT, 5 additional detail NFTs will be released.




These are the most frequently asked questions. Still have questions? Feel free to cntact

What is the 'On a wave' project?

The name of the project derives from Daniël Busser's upcoming single 'On a wave' (produced by Chievva ) and the eponymous EP, and indicates that he is 'surfing' on something new. Surfing is a synonym for browsing the internet. In other words 'a new way of releasing music' - via the digital 'wave'.

We intend to drop several NFTs this year in the form of a music single release and artwork. There is one 'Royal NFT' per release, and a few smaller NFTs (detail artworks) to which various exclusive “values” are attached. For example, you can be picked up by Daniël and listen to unreleased tracks together.

Unique to Daniel's NFTs is the fact that he gives 20% of the royalties (revenue from streams) to the NFT owner(s). We aim to automize payments in the future. However, initially, we will serve as the middle man between transactions.

Daniël Busser is the first artist in the Benelux - maybe even in Europe - to use NFTs in this revolutionary way.

Why NFTs?

Daniël is convinced that the emergence of the NFT world has created new opportunities for artists and fans alike. We have the opportunity to reshape the entire music industry, especially the historically unfair structures within the industry. To this day, musicians receive very little compensation from streaming services for the release of their music. It's nothing anymore, compared to buying physical CDs from artists back in the day. But one thing has remained the same ever since: making music is expensive and labels take advantage of this. They offer artists a small advance of their proceeds and this way own the rights of the artist's music.  They only pay out 20% of the earnings, of which you as an artist only receive something when the advance has been paid off.

The revenue model for artists at capitalist major labels is therefore unfairly structured, to the detriment of the artist.


Until now! Daniël wants to generate fair returns from his music by selling his NFTs and then reinvesting it. At the same time, he wants his fans to benefit from his success by offering them the same 20% royalties that he would normally receive from a label. So as an NFT owner you own a part of his song 'On a wave' or, after later drops, maybe his entire project!


NFTs are no longer 'the future', they are already here. The developments surrounding Non-Fungible Tokens are moving at a rapid pace. They will no doubt be a part of our lives in multiple ways. Daniël believes in this technology and realizes its value for independent artists.

What's so special about these NFTs?

Apart from the fact that the pixel artworks (made by Peanut Panda ) are cool to own, the NFTs always contain 20% royalties from a specific song from Daniël's EP 'On a wave'. The title track will be released in January 2022.

How much will this NFT cost?

The 'Royal NFTs' (that's what we call the NFTs that will contain 20% royalties) will cost 0.07 ETH (about 250 euros).

How is this price calculated?

The price is calculated based on the average revenue of Daniël's Spotify and Apple music streams. He has 9,000,000 all time Spotify streams and 450,000 all time Apple Music streams. These streams are calculated separately because Apple Music pays more than double per stream compared to Spotify streams.
An average Daniël Busser track still yields 1,270 euros (20% of which is slightly more than 250 euros). This amount does not include income from other streaming services on which the project will be released. 
In the worst case (calculated on average) you will eventually earn back your invested amount within an indefinite period. And you own an exclusive portion of Daniël's music. The only copy of the song! 
In the best case scenario, you and Daniël generate a passive income from his music or you resell the NFT for a price that you find suitable.

Why does Daniël give away part of his music income?

Why not? Daniël is always looking for ways to build a strong fan base and make his fans and supporters feel like they are part of his story. What better way to do this than literally owning some of his music? 
In addition, Daniël will use the proceeds from the NFT to fund his EP and make further projects, so that fans can finally hear new music more frequently. As an independent artist, he is fully responsible for financing his music. So you also help him make his music! It's a win-win situation.

I would like to have Daniël's NFT, but I don't just have 250 euros lying around. How can I still own an NFT?

For each single release with artwork, 5 detailed NFTs are released, each offering a physical added value to the owner. For example, Daniël will pick you up or come by to listen to unreleased music together. These detail NFTs will be cheaper.

Where can I buy the NFTs?

The 'On a wave' project will for now be 'minted' on , the most popular NFT platform at the moment. If the team finds another user-friendly platform that involves less fees, we will of course move to that platform. Your wallet is separate from platforms, so as a buyer and creator you can be flexible in which marketplace to use.

How do I stay up-to-date on the news of the NFT?

The best and fastest way to stay up to date is to join the official Busserfam Discord at . If you do this, you can even win interesting and exclusive giveaways!

Hoe vinden de uitbetalingen van de royalties plaats?

Royalties ontvang je na verificatie van je wallet ID. De eerste uitbetaling van de royalties ontvang je 3 maanden na de release van het nummer. Daarna maandelijks of halfjaarlijks, mits het bedrag van de uitbetaling hoger ligt dan de gas fees. Als dit bedrag lager is dan de gas fees, verschuift de uitbetaling naar de eerstvolgende maand die aan deze voorwaarde voldoet.

Het type cryptocurrency wordt in overleg bepaald om de gas fees te vermijden. Uitbetaling bestaat uit de 10% royalty-opbrengsten minus de gas fee en de transactiekosten van het distributieplatform Tunecore/Payoneer. Momenteel is de fee van Tunecore/Payoneer 20% van $1,00. Mocht deze fee in de toekomst wijzigen, passen we dit hierop aan.

De Royal holder kan via Blockscan aangeven of de uitbetalingen per maand of per half jaar plaatsvinden. Bij de maandelijkse uitbetalingen wordt de gas fee van de maand ervóór in mindering gebracht, bij de halfjaarlijkse betalingen niet.

De royalties ontvang je 3 jaar lang, met de mogelijkheid tot verlenging vanuit het Daniël Busser team.

When can we buy the NFTs?

We are targeting January 2022, but please note that this is subject to change. Join the discord to be the first to know about the release!

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